Unknown Olga Kobylianska (1863-1942)

Seven decades passed from her death, but still we know O.Kobylianska incomplete. As work of O.Kobylianska in last period (1914-1942) the least known, then there is a need in the current edition, which compiled Yaroslava Melnychuk. A few years before was published her monography “On the evening edge: Olga Kobylianska in the last period of her work (from 1914)” (Chernivtsi, Bukrek, 2006). New initiative of author was supported by the State committee of television and broadcast of Ukraine and publishing house “Bukrek”.

The collection includes both well-known (“Judas”, “Letter of the convicted soldiers to his wife”), and not popular or even completely unknown to modern readers short prose works from 1915-1930 years period (“Forest mother”, “Sincere love”, “Moscow Gweru”, “Putifara”, “Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us!”, “Joke”, “Revenge” and others).

German translations of the book made by ​​N. Shcherban.