About us

About us

Publishing House "Bukrek" specializes in the production of textbooks for schools teaching in national languages, literature of Ukrainian and foreign classics, modern authors.  About 100 titles of books in Ukrainian, Romanian, German, French, Bulgarian, Roma, Gagauz and Hebrew are published annually. This facilitates its own printing base, only one in Western Ukraine automated line for book production . "Bukrek" based on private property in August 1992. It was one of the first publishings that were born in independent Ukraine.

The name "Bukrek" comes from the name of the newspaper "Bukovina advertising",that was founded by the company. It originally positioned itself as an advertising agency, then printing and publishing activity was added. In 1997, "Bukrek" released the first in independent Ukraine, the Romanian ABC «ABECEDAR» in Latin print by Seraphim Krigan. A copy of this publication was presented to President of Romania Mr. Ilyesku by the Ukrainian President.  The seventh edition of the Romanian primer and also the set out books in Romanian language and in reading of the same author for elementary school was released already.

- State of Ukraine always concerned about ensuring the Romanian and other national minorities in their native language textbooks - emphasizes, speaking in Ukrainian and foreign press, director of the publishing house "Bukrek" Honoured Journalist of Ukraine Daria Tuz-Maksymets.

"Bukrek" also issued for CEI of Ukraine, where classes are taught in Romanian, a set of textbooks in Ukrainian as the state language for order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The set includes: "The Ukrainian language. Oral course," "Primer," "The Ukrainian language. Form 2", "Ukrainian language. Form  3", "Ukrainian language. Form 4", "Ukrainian language. Form 6. " A similar set of Ukrainian language books was published for the CEI with Hungarian language of teaching. These books for the availability of methods were highly appreciated by the Ukrainian in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Local teachers and students would like to have them to study their native language.

Romanian and Moldovan teachers also perceived with interest methodology  of  textbooks by  Krigan S.G, which corresponds to the best European models.

In publishing house "Bukrek" are  established and operating mobile editorial staffs, working on preparations for the publication of books in different languages. Thus, for example, mobile editorial staff  in Uzhgorod prepares publications in Hungarian, in Odessa - Roma and Gagauz language. Mobile editorial staffs of  "Bukrek" act also abroad: in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Germany. This is due to the fact that editing books in other languages are performed  better there, where there are native speakers of contemporary, not the Diaspora version of  language.

Scientific advisors from the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University,National Fedkovych University of Chernivtsi,  Odessa Mechnikov University from  Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine and other scientific institutions of our country and abroad  help the publishing house "Bukrek" publish books of high scientific level. During 2005-2007 the new programs of 12-years schools for CEI in national languages of teaching, methodological literature, manuals were published in "Bukrek".

Publishing House "Bukrek» is awarded   Lesya Ukrainka Medal, certificates and diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, its general director was awarded the title of "Excellence in Education of Ukraine."  Particular resonance among the literary community called out bilingual edition of poems by Paul Celan "Anthology of the Ukrainian translation" (in German and Ukrainian), Micah Eminescu "Luchafer" and Carolina Iliky "13 poems about love" (in Romanian and Ukrainian). Together with the Romanian publishing house "Kryterion" was published  Miroslav Shandro book "Hutsul embroidery" in Ukrainian, Romanian and English. These publications were on international exhibitions in Kiev, Moscow, Chishinau, Bucharest and Frankfurt international exhibition, where  received high praise.Publishing House "Bukrek" was awarded the Grand Prix of America for quality and service in 1999. In Chisinau at the international exhibition of children's books (iBbY) designer Sergei Maksymets awarded the diploma "The best design of the book"  and Prize of Moldova Artists Union "Luchafer."

Ukrainian-French edition of "S. Petliura - founder of the "Trident", by D. Mironyuk, N. Mironyuk, was presented in Paris. Ivan Franko Prize to the 150th anniversary of the writer was awarded Vladimir Mikhailovsky   book "Between fear and love. Among the new editions - the next sixth book of historian Nestor Myzaka "For you, holy Ukraine" and the book "Kurinny UPA - Ukrainian hero" ...

Multimedia project  "Kiriy Eleyson", author - Vicar of UGC Church in Chernivtsi Father Valery Syrotiuk was made at first. "Kiriy Eleyson" ("Lord have mercy!") - A book that sings ...

In the plans of ' Bukrek "- release of full glorious heritage daughter of ukrainian people Olga Kobylyanska ,  there is agreement with the Institute of Literature of NAS of Ukraine about it, the historical trilogy on the 90th anniversary of the birth of the famous Ukrainian writer Mikhail Ivasyuk" Rider on a white horse, "" Knights of the great love "and" Tournament of royal fools.

Publishing House "Bukrek" is the founder of Western weekly "Va-Bank" and newspaper "Bukovinian advertising."  Our good partners are the Institute of Innovative Technology and content of education of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Institute of Thermoelectricity Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the I. Franko Theater, Chernivtsi Machine Building Plant, Ukrainian Fedorov Academy of Printing.