Kostiantyna Malytska returns ...

To some extent last year's edition of “Works” by Konstantyna Malytska was unique in the publishing house “Bukrek”.

The uniqueness of this situation that it is generally the first book of such format of the prominent writer, teacher, publicman, whose 140th anniversary of birth was celebrated on this May, 30.

A solid tome on 500 pages was published due to woman efforts of Oksana Ivasiuk and Valentyna Buzynska. Work is truly titanic. Because it was assembled from many different sources: some publications, newspapers, magazines, books, organize works by genres - poetry, prose, articles, memoirs, letters, make notes.

Fund "Ukraine 3000" presented the award "Unique Ukraine"

September 13, 2012 Head of the Supervisory Board of the International Charitable Fund "Ukraine 3000" mrs. Yushchenko gave the award "Unique Ukraine", launched by the Fund "Ukraine 3000" within the framework of Publishers forum in Lviv.

Award "Unique Ukraine - 2012" received book “Konstantyna Malytska. Works” from Chernivtsi publishing house “Bukrek”.

The award was received by the director of publishing house “Bukrek” Daria Tuz-Maksymets and one of compilers of edition, literary critic Oksana Ivasiyk.

Fund "Ukraine 3000" intends to purchase copies of the book “Konstantyna Malytska.Works” for 5 thousand UAH with the aim of transmission book to the libraries of Ukraine.

Presentation in Bucharest

On the day of celebration of the 21 th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, August 22, 2012, at the Cultural and Information Center of the Ukrainian Embassy in Romania took place presentation of the book “Ukraine-Romania 20 years of diplomatic relations”.

The book is published by the initiative and active participation of the Embassy and containing materials (in Ukrainian, Romanian and English) of the "round table" on the topic of the 20th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Romania and Ukraine, which took place February 17, 2012 in Bucharest, as well as information about other events confirmed to this anniversary date.

Representatives of scientific circles, the Ukrainian community in Romania, the local community, the media and embassy officers were participated in book presentation.

The book highlights the most important aspects of current relationships, and promising view into the future will help readers to estimate the gained experience in solving the problems of international relations.

Relations between two nations are illustrated in the end of the book in a small photo album.

The book is printed by Chernivtsi publishing house “Bukrek”, 300 copies.

“…and I will fly with wind divine”

On XIX Publishers' Forum that took place last week in Lviv, one of the most notable was the presentation of book with chosen works of Igor Rymaruk “Divine wind” (Last Poems), published in the publishing house “Bukrek” (series of “The Third Millennium: Ukrainian poetry”). This is the second edition of the series. Last year was published the book of Leonid Talalai “Homeless flow”. It should be mentioned that editorial board is headed by academician Ivan Dziuba, his deputy is a Head of the Supervisory Board of the International Charitable Fund "Ukraine 3000" Kateryna Yushchenko.